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Voronezh is a million-plus city located on the banks of the river of the same name. Founded in 1585, it has had the honorary title of "City of Military Glory" since 2008.
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Smart Hotel KDO Voronezh

Ресурс 74 Airport, km 20,6
Ресурс 83 Bus station, km 4,7
Ресурс 53 Railway station, km 0
Ресурс 19 Rooms 6
Working hours 24/7
For leisure
Ресурс 68 Free Wi-Fi
Ресурс 75 Phone +7 (916) 530-55-46
Ресурс 88 Address 394036, Russia, Voronezh, pl. General Chernyakhovsky, 1
Ресурс 73 E-mail
Ресурс 86 Latitude 51.679694
Ресурс 87 Longitude 39.206252
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Voronezh has a deep history. Founded at the end of the 16th century as a fortified city, it has been associated with military themes throughout the entire period of its existence. The city is considered the birthplace of the Russian navy, airborne troop,s and the famous Katyusha combat vehicle. Voronezh is considered the capital of the Central Black Earth economic region. Due to its location in the temperate zone, it is the best option for travelers to visit at any time of the year.


Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge

Built in 1829, the bridge is one of the favorite places in the city

The intersection of Karl Marx and Chernyshevsky streets
Prospect Revolyutsii

Prospect Revolyutsii

The central street of the city with a large number of historical buildings. Until 1918, it was called Bolshaya Dvoryanskaya Street

Revolyutsii ave
Pokrovsky Cathedral

Pokrovsky Cathedral

Originally built of wood, but in the middle of the 18th century rebuilt from stone

Bekhtereva st., 36
Monument to the White Bim

Monument to the White Bim

Sculpture dedicated to the hero of the book by G. Troepolsky "White Bim Black Ear"

Revolyutsii ave
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