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Ulan-Ude is the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, an important industrial, cultural and scientific center of the region, with a population of 436,406 inhabitants as of 2022. The whole city is permeated with Buryat culture and Buddhist religious monuments
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Smart Hotel KDO Ulan-Ude

Ресурс 83 Bus station, km 3,3
Ресурс 53 Railway station, km 0
Ресурс 19 Rooms 13
Working hours 24/7
For leisure
Ресурс 21 Buffet
Ресурс 68 Free Wi-Fi
Ресурс 75 Phone +7 (910) 001-28-54
Ресурс 88 Address 670024, Russia, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Revolyutsii 1905 g. st., 35
Ресурс 73 E-mail
Ресурс 86 Latitude 51.840658
Ресурс 87 Longitude 107.583146
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Ресурс 88
676450, Amur Region, Svobodny, st. Linear, 40/1
Phone: +7 (910) 001-28-54
Ресурс 73 E-mail:
Ресурс 77 Working hours: 07:00–22:00


Founded by the Cossacks in 1666 as a fortress, Ulan-Ude received the status of a city only two decades later, and was originally called Udinsk. Being at the crossroads of trade routes, it was an important stronghold in Transbaikal. The city is actively developing today. Any tourist visiting Ulan-Ude will be stunned by the numerous architectural monuments of the city, nature and Buddhist temples - datsans.


Rinpoche Bagsha Datsan

Rinpoche Bagsha Datsan

An important Buddhist religious and spiritual monument

Streletskaya st.
Baikal lake

Baikal lake

Located near the city, it’s the deepest lake in the world, a unique natural object that attracts tourists

Baikal lake
Buryatsky Arbat

Buryatsky Arbat

A pedestrian street in the city center, famous for its old merchant houses

Lenina st.
The triumphal arch «Tsarskie Vorota» (Royal Gates)

The triumphal arch «Tsarskie Vorota» (Royal Gates)

Erected in 1891 in honor of the visit to the city by the heir to the throne - Nikolai Alexandrovich

Lenina st.
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