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Petrozavodsk is the largest settlement in the Republic of Karelia and at the same time its capital. The city is located on the shore of the famous Onega Lake, not far from St. Petersburg (400 km.) and the border with Finland (350 km.).
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Smart Hotel KDO Petrozavodsk

Ресурс 74 Airport, km 16,5
Ресурс 83 Bus station, km 0,9
Ресурс 53 Railway station, km 0
Ресурс 19 Rooms 11
Working hours 24/7
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Ресурс 21 Buffet
Ресурс 68 Free Wi-Fi
Ресурс 75 Phone +7 (985) 520-09-37
Ресурс 88 Address 3, Gagarina Square, Petrozavodsk, Russia, 185035
Ресурс 73 E-mail
Ресурс 86 Latitude 61.784428
Ресурс 87 Longitude 34.344784
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The history of the city's origins is closely connected with Peter I. On his instructions, an arms factory was built on the shores of Lake Onega to protect the northern borders. A new city, Petrozavodsk, was formed around it. The extensive river system makes it a port of five seas. The picturesque nature and architectural monuments attract more and more tourists every year.


Onega lake embankment

Onega lake embankment

Walking along the embankment, you can enjoy the picturesque view of the lake, as well as look at the unusual sculptures donated to Petrozavodsk by masters from abroad.

Onezhskaya embankment
Monument to Peter I

Monument to Peter I

If you follow the direction of the hand of Peter I, you can see the mouth of the river, where the city was founded in 1703.

Onezhskaya embankment
National Museum of the Republic of Karelia

National Museum of the Republic of Karelia

The museum is located in a luxurious building of the former governor's house built in the late 18th century.

Lenin square, 1
Polar Odyssey Maritime Museum

Polar Odyssey Maritime Museum

The main exhibits are functioning replicas of historic wooden sailing ships.

Rigachina street, 37
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