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-20% for accommodation in 8 new Smart Hotels

15% discount for travel students

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20% discount for student union members

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Save up to 20% on your stay at Smart Hotel

Want to save on hotel costs? Are you sure that your plans are unchanged and you are not going to cancel your booking? Smart Hotel presents a new non-refundable rate with a discount of up to 20% off the base rate.

The offer is valid for pre-booking and 100% prepayment. Applies to accommodation in all room categories until 31.12.2022 inclusive.

You can book accommodation with a 10% discount in the following hotels of the chain:

A 20% discount is provided when booking rooms in these hotels:


  • Online payment must occur within an hour after booking on the official website
  • Time before check-in at the hotel must be at least one hour from the date of booking
  • If payment is not made within an hour, the booking will be automatically canceled
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