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New Smart Hotel NEO in Ivanovo

After a complete renovation, a new hotel has opened its doors in the building of the Ivanovo railway station - Smart Hotel NEO Ivanovo!

Smart Hotel NEO Ivanovo is:

  • 20 rooms of level 3*
  • completely renovated hotel
  • stylish room design
  • ideal transport interchange
  • quality service

Ivanovo is the youngest city of the classic Golden Ring of Russia, it is the “City of Brides” and the textile industry. In addition, it was in Ivanovo that the first Council took place, to which the museum is dedicated and there are real masterpieces of constructivism in the form of a one-of-a-kind House-Ship and House-Horseshoe. But now it will be even more pleasant to plan your trip along the Golden Ring with a stop in Ivanovo, because we are opening a truly high-quality 3* hotel!

Book your room now and enjoy your stay in the City of Brides!

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