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Cashback 20% for holders of bank cards “MIR”

Corporate rate: discounts from 15%

-20% on accommodation in Smart Hotel Chelyabinsk

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20% discount at Smart Hotel Chelyabinsk

Winter is a great time of the year to discover new destinations for domestic tourism. One of them is Chelyabinsk, a city located on the border of Europe and Asia. Many associate the Chelyabinsk region only with industrial enterprises, but it is also famous for its hot springs, ski resorts, and is also famous for winter fishing and Ural cuisine. Choose what you like and go on a trip with pleasure!

For holders of “RZD Bonus” cards, a 20% discount is available on accommodation in Smart Hotel Chelyabinsk

What you need to get a discount:

  • Be a member of the Russian Railways Bonus program;

Join the Russian Railways Bonus program

  • Select dates of stay with check-out from the hotel no later than 01/31/2022

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  • Apply the promo code CHBONUS20 in the booking module on the official website;
  • When checking into the hotel, present the number of the “RZD Bonus” card or demonstrate the phone screen with the launched mobile application “RZD Passengers” (the “Profile” tab).

In case of refusal to present the “RZD Bonus” card number at the check-in counter, the Guest may not be provided with a discount. The summation of discounts with offers or promotions not specified in this text is not intended.

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