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Nature in Tuapse

Kiselyova Rock
The visiting card of the city is considered Kiselyova Rock. Many could see this amazing creation of nature in the famous film “The Diamond Arm”. The fishing scene on the Black Stones was filmed right here, at the foot of the cliff. It is named after the great artist Alexander Alexandrovich Kiselyov, who lived in the city of Tuapse and loved to paint local landscapes.
The rock rises 46 meters above the city and looks like a sheer wall cut off with a sharp knife. Access by car to the Kiselyova Rock will cost 100 rubles, but it is more convenient and interesting to get to it on foot from the Spider Beach. For those who want to swim or stay overnight with tents, there is a small beach below, right next to the cliff.
Here you can consider in more detail how alternating stretches of sandstone and harder rocks, which form the base of the rock. All its sides resemble huge reefs, and only the side facing the sea is perfectly smooth and durable. Nature has created a masterpiece that cannot be ignored.
Address: Tuapse, Kadosh Forest Park

Mount “Indyuk”

Pretty famous natural attraction in the Tuapse area. If you love wildlife, mountain climbing or go out with tents for a few days to the picturesque lands, then you can’t miss this mountain. It is located 40 km from the city of Tuapse, the nearest settlement is the village of Indyuk.
You can get to it by train, which goes to the station of the same name. The height of the mountain is 849 meters. Two routes are most often used for lifting: the first - starts from the “Indyuk” railway station, which is more popular among vacationers, the second - from the Gorny village, a more abrupt, difficult route for real climbers.
From the top of the mountain there are beautiful views of the protected area, for the sake of which it is worth overcoming all the difficulties that await during the ascent. Less prepared tourists are offered to climb to the tops of neighboring mountains.

Address: Indyuk village, Tuapse

Perun Waterfall

One of the most important sights created by nature in Tuapse is Perun Waterfall. The height of the waterfall is 33 meters, this is the highest and largest threshold on the river, which is considered the real pride of the Kuban. The waterfall becomes especially spectacular during the spring flood, so it is advised to come here in late April, early May.
Despite the fact that the 33-meter waterfall is located near the city of Tuapse, it is not crowded, since most sightseeing routes pass by it. Getting to it on your own will not bring more labor.
During the trip to the waterfall, vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy solitude with wildlife, the beauty of local forests and even see a few mysterious dolmens that are found in local forests. When going to the waterfall, choose comfortable, non-slip shoes.

Address: Krasnoye village, Tuapse

 Kadosh Cape beach

An ideal place for lovers of a quiet secluded holiday. Unlike the central and coastal beaches of Tuapse, Beach of the Kadosh Cape beach is a place provided by the wild. High cliffs rise above the beach, which makes it even calmer and closed from the invasion of tourists. The water here is crystal clear, the shore is narrow, sandy.
The only minus is that you can’t drive to the beach close to the beach, but you can enjoy a walk among the wild trees and get some fresh air. From the beach, and the rocks above it, a beautiful view of the sea opens. People often come here not only to swim during the day, but also to spend the night in a tent, enjoying the beauty of nature.
The place is not suitable for lovers of bustling city life, as there are no clubs, bars and even shops, but if you want to relax from people and a bustling city, Kadosh Cape beach will help you spend a great weekend.

Address: Kadosh Cape, Tuapse

Archaeological site “Psinako”

The mystical terrain called “Psinako” is located 26 kilometers from the city of Tuapse. Psynako is a large mound in which dolmen was discovered. The unusual construction of the mound has not yet been solved, but it is assumed that the construction was constructed in this way to communicate with other worlds. It looks like a kind of pyramid, from which 12 rays depart.
Scientists suspect that previously there was a sanctuary on the site of the dolmen, which they used for burials three thousand years BC, but they can’t confirm their guesses, since only stones were found in the burial places. Another version of the meaning of the construction was the conduct of rituals for worshiping the sun god.
The mystery of the place fills visitors with various emotions, some feel a connection with the other world here, others are terrified of the area. At the moment there are several similar structures found in the world: in Denmark, Spain and Portugal. The place is famous among locals at the level of English Stonehenge.

Address: Anastasievka village, Tuapse

Altubinal Khutor

Altubinal is a small khutor 35 kilometers away from Tuapse. Now there is only one street left on the farm, on which no more than 30 local people live. There are quite a lot of tourists here in the season, as there are many famous natural attractions near the khutor, such as Mount Chessy, Altubinal tract, Bee cliffs and Orlan cliff.
You can get to the farm only on an off-road car, and tours are often organized from Tuapse to it, since there are a lot of people who want to see the beauty of the local nature. Mount Chessy is the highest point in Tuapse. You need to climb it on foot, all 20 kilometers, but the views from the top are worth it. The Altubinal tract is known for being the only place in which edible chestnut and Kokha pine coexist.
The oldest trees here are around 300 years old. In bee rocks there are caves full of wild honey, which oozes in the heat. If you want a break from civilization, the farm is the perfect place.

Address: Oktyabrskoe village, Tuapse

Plane Alley in Tuapse

One of the favorite and most visited places in Tuapse. The plane-tree alley is considered the longest alley in Europe and the second, among similar ones in the world, its length is two kilometers. The beginning of the history of the alley was laid back in 1913, and for more than 100 years, local residents and vacationers can enjoy the beauty of old trees, hide in their shade from the summer heat or breathe fresh air during an evening walk.
The cleanliness of the alleys is carefully monitored, there is a sufficient number of ballot boxes, flower beds are planted between trees, beautiful cast-iron benches are installed. In the evening, along the Plane Alley, lights are lit, and garlands are lit on the trees, which add to her beauty and coziness.
This place is popular with couples, old people and parents with children. Along the alley you can often meet local artists and a musician.

Address: Tuapse, Karla Marksa Street

City Park

Despite the small area occupied by the park, it is still a great place for solitude with nature and relaxation from the hectic life of the coastal city. After reconstruction, the territory is decorated with comfortable benches, many exotic plants and a small beautiful fountain.
The park is located so close to the open sea that every visitor can feel the cool sea wind, which will perfectly refresh on a hot summer day. Entrance to the park is free. There is a new playground, a favorite place for the youngest visitors.
A special place in the park is a white piano hidden among green spaces. Since the park is located near the embankment, many people visit it to take a break from the scorching sun, a large number of people or to be alone with their thoughts. Fencing and trees make the park even more secluded and quiet.

Адрес: Туапсе, пл. Ильича, 2

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