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Museums and memorials in Tuapse

Tuapse Defense Museum

The Museum of Local History and Defense was opened by E. I. Pyatigorsky. Expositions are dedicated to the period of defense of the city from the German invaders. This is the place where the events of 1941-1945 come to life. The total area of the museum is 150 square meters, which are divided into two rooms.

In the first, visitors will be greeted by exhibits that talk about the Tuapse defensive operation. There are several unique objects here: a hypsometric map showing the course of the military forces during the Tuapse defensive operation and a diorama that displays a view from the window of the Pushkin library destroyed during a Nazi raid.

In the second hall there are exhibits dedicated to courageous defenders. There are weapons, letters, clothes, military awards and other interesting finds. The museum often hosts thematic exhibitions; some locals enjoy visiting it every month.

Address: Tuapse, Karla Marksa Street, 2

Tuapse Museum of History and Local Lore named after Poletaev

Tuapse Museum of History and Local Lore Poletaeva was built on the "mountain of heroes" in 1946. A magnificent view of the city opens from the territory near the museum, and inside, all the details familiarize with the historical heritage of these lands.
The museum is divided into three halls, in which various exhibits are located: archaeological, ethnographic, historical, dedicated to the city of Tuapse in wartime. The employees are dedicated to their work, will be happy to tell you about all the exhibits, and will discover new historical facts.
When visiting a museum, it is better to take a guide who can interest even those who are distant from history by studying the heritage of their ancestors. The museum also has unique collections of old coins, awards, corals, clothes and postcards overlooking the Black Sea coast. In addition, exit exhibitions are often held here to make holidaymakers more interested.
Address: Tuapse, Poletaeva Street, 8

Memorial complex “Hill of Heroes”

“Hill of Heroes” is located on the most elevated part. Previously, an Orthodox cathedral was located here, which was destroyed during the war. On its ruins, it was decided to install anti-aircraft batteries, the place was not chosen by chance, because a very good view was opened from the hill.

In 1965, it was made a memorial to the defenders of the city of military glory who died during the war, and it was renamed from Pionerskaya to Gorka Heroes. Now the memorial complex is revered by locals and vacationers. Every year, May 9, people come here to honor the memory of soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War.

Climbing the stairs up, you can see the names of the heroes who fell in battle. At the highest point of the hill, the Eternal Flame is lit, as well as a memorial to the Unknown Soldier. The memorial complex is in excellent condition.

Address: Tuapse, Poletaeva Street, 8

House-Museum of A.A. Kiselyov

The museum is located in the house of the famous artist. In 1975, the building was recognized as an architectural monument, and 13 years later, in 1988, a museum was opened here. Now the exposition is located on a large area, divided into 4 rooms. The museum is dedicated to the work and life of the artist, after moving to Tuapse.
The creators tried to convey the atmosphere of the master’s housing, recreated an art workshop, a study, a cozy living room and dining room. Most of the exhibits were donated to the museum by the artist’s grandson. Here are his photographs, family documents and several genuine paintings.
The museum has attentive staff, they conduct interesting excursions that can interest both children and adults. Themed lounge often hosts thematic events dedicated to the life of A.A. Kiselyov.

Address: Tuapse, Karla Marksa Street, 54

Stele “City of Military Glory”

The monument-stele “City of Military Glory” was opened in 2012. Similar monuments were installed in all cities of military glory, the size and height of the stele are standard and do not differ in all cities, the only difference is the engraving, which is applied along its perimeter. It displays the plot of the battles that took place in these areas.
The top of the stele in Tuapse is decorated with a two-headed eagle, in front an engraved cartouche with the text of the presidential decree on conferring the city the title of “City of Military Glory”, and on the other hand there is a coat of arms of the city. The stele is installed on the embankment, so leaving it without attention is very difficult.
Around the stele there are commemorative tablets with the names of the dead defenders of the city. Local residents and vacationers often come here to honor the memory of the heroes of the Soviet Union.

Address: Tuapse, Primorsky Boulevard, 2

Monument “Road of Life”

The monument was unveiled in honor of the 40th anniversary of Victory Day, in 1985. It is a small wartime truck that travels up a steep mountain road. It was here, during the Great Patriotic War, that the only road passed through which it was possible to deliver weapons, fighters and other supplies to the front line in 1942.
Despite the fact that the road was constantly bombed by the German military, supplies continued, which is why the monument is called the "Road of Life". The machine was not chosen by chance, it was on such "one and a half trucks" cargo was most often transported, and the one installed here is no exception.
The car really was part of a military convoy, and in the post-war period, until his death, a war veteran worked on it. An interesting fact is that the car died out after the death of the owner, and began to turn into rubbish, but it was found, restored and installed as a monument.

Address: Tuapse, Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Street, 105

Alley of Hero Cities

Initially, the Alley of Hero Cities was created in 1977, in honor of 15 cities that have the well-deserved titles of “Hero City” and “Hero Fortress”. In 2010, it was closed for restoration. Perennial trees were planted - viols, paving slabs were laid, benches were installed, and lanterns appeared that illuminate the alley in the dark.

Annually, on May 9, war veterans and other city residents gather here to honor the memory of the dead soldiers. There are many pedestals with the names of the heroes and a description of the exploits that they performed. Many of the soldiers killed in the heroic battle, Soviet soldiers, are buried today in this alley.
The Alley of Hero Cities is one of Tuapse's most significant sights, it deserves the attention of tourists and local residents.
Address: Tuapse, Marshala Zhukova Street

Monument to the crew of the destroyer “Kerch”

The monument was erected to revolutionary sailors who flooded the ship with their own hands, so as not to surrender to the interventionists. It looks like a large block of sandstone, to which the admiralty anchor is attached. The events to which the monument is dedicated occurred in 1918. It was installed in honor of the 50th anniversary of the tragedy.
The plate attached to the monument shows the date the ship was sunk, the number of victims and the parameters of the destroyer. He sank three miles off the coast of Tuapse. Local residents often come to honor the memory of brave sailors. The monument is located in a small square.

Being in Tuapse, we cannot ignore the place, dedicated to the defenders of our homeland, because we should not forget about the great feats. It is necessary to bring to the monument of children and dedicate at important moments in history.

Address: Tuapse, Primorsky Boulevard

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