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What to visit in Tuapse

The Palace of Culture

The Palace of Culture is located in the city center, so attendance among local residents is quite large. There are 19 different teams working here, so everyone can find an idea to their liking. The Palace was built in 1937, but during the war it was completely destroyed. Recovery took place over 14 years, in 1961 it was restored. Since then, performances have been held here, as well as various clubs for children and adults.

The hall has excellent acoustics, comfortable chairs, everything is done for comfortable viewing of performances. All collectives of the Palace of Culture actively participate in the cultural life of the Krasnodar Territory. All city holidays, New Year's parties, concerts and thematic performances are held here. The program of events is available on the site. Arriving in Tuapse, you can choose to visit any performance that will be of interest to you.

Address: Tuapse, Oktyabrskoy Revolyucii Street, 2

Tuapse Embankment (Primorsky Boulevard)

Despite the fact that Tuapse is considered more an industrial city than a resort, the best place for walking in the city is the promenade, or as it is also called Primorsky Boulevard. The length of the embankment is only four hundred and fifty meters.

It has everything necessary for the comfort of city residents and tourists: a large number of benches for relaxation, cafes, attractions. In 2014, it was completely reconstructed, after which multi-colored paving stones, beautiful lanterns, a fence and flower beds appeared. Here you can endlessly look at the ships leaving the Tuapse port, fish or watch the local fishermen, who can be found at any time of the year.

Primorsky Boulevard is especially beautiful in the evening, when there are fewer people, and the light of lanterns adds a cozy romantic atmosphere. Pleasure boats go from the pier to the embankment, where you can go on a sea voyage.

Address: Tuapse, Primorsky Boulevard

Young Spectator's Theatre

More than fifty years ago, a small group of local residents of Tuapse organized a small amateur theater group. At that time, no one could have thought that he would develop into a successful theater, with original productions and talented actors. Despite the fact that at present the theater art has faded into the background, the Young Spectator's Theatre is very popular among city residents.

In a small, cozy hall with only 50 seats, this allows all viewers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the performance as much as possible. The troupe is constantly updating its repertoire, the performances are designed not only for kids, but also for the adult generation.

In most of the performances, they consider a moral and ethical set of problems that is relevant at all times. Staying in Tuapse, do not miss the opportunity to spend time watching one of the troupe's performances.

Address: Tuapse, Tumanskaya Street, 18

Musical Fountain

One of the fairly new attractions in Tuapse, opened in 2014, is the Musical Fountain. Immediately after the opening, it became very popular among locals and visitors. Residents of the city consider it a tourist attraction at the level of the fountain complex in Dubai. Although its size is much smaller than the world-famous fountains, beauty delights everyone who was lucky enough to be here.

The maximum height at which water jets beat is 18 meters. The fountain is accompanied by various melodies. After the opening, it “played” only 5 songs, but over time the repertoire was expanded. Parents with children, youth, and even the elderly, who are captivated by the seen action, love to spend time here.

The fountain is beautiful both in the daytime and in the evening, when a beautiful multi-colored backlight turns on. And thanks to its design of a “dry fountain”, between jets of water you can stroll or freshen up on a hot day.

Address: Tuapse, Morskoy Boulevard, 3

Water Park “Dolphin”

The water park is located 15 kilometers from the city of Tuapse, in the village of Nebug. It is one of the most popular on the coast and the oldest water park in Russia. On the territory there are 17 sites with water attractions. The visitors are given the choice of areas with extreme slopes, children's slides, a large pool and even an artificial river.

For the youngest visitors, animators work, throw foam parties, so the child will definitely be delighted. For fans of extreme sports, there are 4 slides to choose from: “Kamikaze Abyss”, “Black Hole”, “Kamikaze Extreme”, “Three Stripes”. The highest slide reaches 15 meters, the longest - 64 meters.

For lovers of a more relaxing holiday, there is a zone with family slides: “Snail”, “Dragon”, “Triple pigtail”. On the territory there are 2 cafes where you can fully eat or have a snack. Convenient sunbeds for sunbathing and a convenient pool with gradually increasing depth are also available to visitors.

Address: Tuapse, Nebug village, Novorossiyskoe highway, 1


The cafe is located near Lenin Square. Having glanced here once, it is impossible not to return again. A cozy romantic atmosphere, pleasant jazz music, excellent cuisine, all this is described by Jazz-martini in Tuapse. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax with friends and just have a good time.

In the hall you can choose a sofa zone, convenient for large companies, or a secluded table for two, to spend time with your loved one. The staff is very attentive to all wishes, will help to make a choice, if visitors have doubts about the menu or solve other organizational issues, and professional chefs will prepare delicious dishes.

The prices on the menu are quite affordable, and the cooked food pleases with variety and taste. The cafe is popular among locals and tourists, so it is better to book a table in advance.

Address: Tuapse, Pobedy Street, 5A

Sea Port

One of the largest Russian ports on the Black Sea coast is considered the Tuapse Sea Port. The history of the port begins in 1898, when the first ship entered it. Arriving in such an industrial city as Tuapse, you must visit a seaport.

Watching how huge ships carry heavy cargo, how they sail in the open sea and return to the pier, this spectacle is fascinating. But he is famous not only for ships, tourists are more attracted to the Tuapse Shipping Management Center, which is located at an altitude of 77 meters.

Due to its appearance, the control tower, due to the spherical dark blue structure at the top of the tall building, resembles a “lollipop”. Locals often call it that. The control center is equipped with a large electronic clock and an air temperature sensor. Opposite him, they often take photos to capture an unusual sight.

Address: Tuapse, Morskoy Boulevard, 2

Central Port

The central beach in Tuapse is not located in the city center, as you might guess, but in the southeast. The beach is about 1300 meters long and 30 meters wide. Pebble-sand coating, shallow entrance to the water. The beach is separated from the city center by a river that flows into the sea here.

The beach has everything you need for a good vacation: sunbeds, toilets, showers, changing cabins. Rescue workers and doctors work during the season. Fans of outdoor activities can ride a water scooter, a banana, a tablet or fly a parachute attached to the boat. Along the coast are cafes, bars, shops and a small market where you can buy fruits and necessary beach items.

There is paid parking near the beach. In the summer season, the beach becomes quite crowded, but because of its length, there is enough space for everyone to relax. Fans of a quieter relaxing holiday are advised to go southeast along the coast, where nature is becoming wilder, and there are fewer people with each meter passed.

Address: Tuapse, Gagarina Street, 7

Dolphinarium “Aquamir”

Dolphinarium is located in the village of Nebug, 15 kilometers from the city of Tuapse. It opened its doors in 2003, and from then on it has always pleased visitors. The permanent artists at the Dolphinarium are three Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, a fur seal and a northern sea lioness.

At the entrance to the building, visitors are greeted by funny animators who will help brighten up the time before the start of the performance, and a clown works during the breaks of the show. Neither adults nor children will be bored. The program is constantly being finalized and expanded, so when you visit the dolphinarium for the second time, you will see a new show that will again give you a lot of positive emotions.

Dolphins sing, draw, perform various tricks and even dance. In order for the fun show to be informative, during the presentation, the presenters tell interesting facts about the life and development of artists. After the presentation, it is possible to take a photo with dolphins by touching them with your hand.

Address: Tuapse, Nebug village, Novorossiyskoe highway, 9B

Amusement Park

A small amusement park located on the central promenade of the city, a great place for walking with children. Entertainment is designed for small visitors who are ready to spend all their time here. After the reconstruction, many attractions were replaced with new, modern ones. Overhaul was carried out, and the surrounding area was ennobled.

There are not many attractions in the park, but there is everything necessary to satisfy the desires of the kids. Also, on the territory there is a dance floor and a stage on which various shows are organized for visitors. Thanks to the plantings of exotic flowers and trees, the park is a great place for seed walks on a hot day.

On the territory there are street stalls with ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy and other goodies that children love so much.

Address: Tuapse, Primorsky Boulevard, 2

Diamond Way Club

The night club is located in the city center, near the city beach. It is considered one of the best clubs in the city of Tuapse and a great place for entertainment and relaxation. The club holds theme parties, holds contests with lots of gifts, dances until the morning and other entertainment events. The capacity of the club is 250 people.

The menu offers European cuisine, a large selection of cocktails and smoky hookahs. There is a dress code, all visitors should be dressed neatly and stylishly to please others. Go to the club can guys over 21 years old and girls over 18 years old.

At the entrance, they may be asked to submit documents, and check visitors for prohibited items. Also, the club is not allowed into the state of alcoholic, drug intoxication. Club visitors are always satisfied with service and relaxation, and happily return again.

Address: Tuapse, Gagarina Street, 9

Stadium “Vodnik”

The stadium is located on Primorsky Boulevard, not far from the central beach of the city. It was opened in 1956, with a capacity of 800 people. In 2010, after the reconstruction, the capacity increased to almost 2500 people. New showers and locker rooms were also installed for three departments of the Tuapse sports school: soccer players, trampolines and athletes.

The stadium is unique in that it is located a few meters from the sea. It is an ideal place in the city for sports. Entrance to the stadium is strictly by passes. You can write out a pass through the administration, the procedure is free.

On the territory of the stadium are convenient jogging paths, sites with horizontal bars and other exercise machines. It is also often organized sports among youth teams, for which you can cheer from the stands of the stadium.

Address: Tuapse, Gorkogo Street, 1А

Fountain “Stone Flower”

The fountain appeared in the city recently, but has already won the title of one of the most spectacular and colorful fountains of Tuapse, which pleases travelers with coolness, even on the hottest day. In the evening, the fountain is illuminated with multi-colored lights, which adds to it a romantic atmosphere. Near it often make appointments, or just stroll, enjoying the sound of water. Convenient benches are installed near the fountain.

The composition of the fountain is dedicated to the hero of the P.P. Bazhanov’s story - master Danila and the mistress of the copper mountain, which are depicted here. The place is ideal for walking on a hot summer day, as the fountain is placed in a small square, which gives visitors a shadow, and the wind blows with light refreshing moisture. Today the fountain is very popular, hundreds of people come to see it every day.

Address: Tuapse, Oktyabrskoy Revolyucii Street

Shopping Center “Red Square”

An ideal place to spend time on a rainy or too hot day. The shopping center has everything you need for a good rest: food courts, a playground, a cinema, many shops with clothes, food, furniture and decor. Workers at the playground are attentive to small visitors, parents can leave their child, and go shopping.

The cinema has comfortable seats and excellent acoustics; all the city youth spend their free time here. Despite the fact that such a shopping center is the only one in the city, it is not too crowded here.

If you arrived in the city, and the weather does not allow you to relax by the sea, do not worry, come to the shopping center "Red Square", here everyone will find something to their liking. You can get to the mall by taxi, bus or on foot. 

Address: Tuapse, Sochinskaya Street, 2
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